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Hall Company's asphalt division specializes in complete parking lot and asphalt maintenance services, to include roadway base, paving repair, overlay, sealcoating, parking bumpers, sports court, ADA compliance, crack & joint repair, striping, signage, drain correction/mitigation, and concrete installation and repair. We do it all!


Florida building codes require all public parking areas to comply with the American Disability ACT guidelines. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in fines being imposed by the Governing Authorities or Municipalities as well as possible law suits.


Here at Hall Co. it is our “business” to know these laws and to comply with them. If you have any questions concerning your ADA compliance status please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail at or phone at 407-3274930.

More information on these laws can be found at: HERE

ADA Compliance Signage


The parking lot is the first thing customers notice when entering a facility. A newly striped parking lot is a good sign that the property owner emphasizes maintenance. Hall Company will either re-stripe or lay out new markings and signage according to blue prints or design.


Benefits of a well marked parking lot:


  • To help preserve or improve the flow of traffic

  • Safely directs people around the parking area

  • Designate loading and unloading zones

  • Easily recognize “No parking areas”

  • Improves “curb side appeal”

Striping for asphalt paving


Speed Bumps? Speed Humps? Or Speed Tables?

Which one do you need? Speed bumps, speed humps, and speed tables are raised areas in the parking lot or roadways that can slow down the speed of traffic. Controlling vehicle speed with one of these tools is a highly effective method to improve the safety of any parking lot or roadway. Not sure which one you may need? Contact us today.

speed_bump and wheel stops


We supply and install all types of bollards including but not limited to concrete, galvanized steel and removable bollards.


Benefits to installing Bollards:

  • Keeps out unwanted traffic

  • Protects employees and facilities from incoming traffic

bollards in Orlando
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