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Storm Basin &
Drainage Repair

Hall Company specializes in catch basin repairs and maintenance, storm basin repairs, drainage repairs, storm drain repair and drain correction/mitigation in Orlando, and Central Florida. Sinkhole next to storm drain, collapsed storm drain? Call Hall Company, Free Estimates. We also repair asphalt, offer overlay services, sealcoating, parking bumpers, sports court, ADA compliance, crack & joint repair, striping, signage, and concrete installation and repair. We do it all!


What is a Catch Basin or Storm Basin?

Storm basin drains play an important role in the preservation of your parking lot and help to maintain it’s integrity. The primary function of a catch basin (or storm basin) in a parking lot is to collect pavement runoff and to prevent flooding or other water damage in low-lying areas.


Without having proper drainage in your parking lot, rainwater will pool on top of parking lot surfaces and seep into the surface, especially if you don’t have a good coat of sealcoat. This is setting the stage for a lot of future damage and expensive repair to your parking lot. Water damage is the number one enemy of concrete and asphalt, so do your best to make sure your parking lot has more than adequate draining capabilities. 

Catch-Basin-Storm Basin in Orlando. Shows areas of the catch Basin.

How Can My Storm Basin Fail?

Storm basins may fail due to improper installation, faulty material and/or age. If not repaired immediately it can lead to further damage to your facilities. Keeping your catch basin adequately maintained and making repairs as necessary is crucial to ensure proper drainage and prevent flooding and other water-related damage to your properties parking lot.

While you may easily overlook these features of your parking lot and drainage system, property managers and owners should keep an eye on their catch basins or storm basins and note any signs of damage and repair needs. To ensure proper drainage on your property, catch basins may require periodic repairs to adjust the pitch and allow effective drainage efforts. 


Storm Basin Repair Orlando -Drain before patch completed.


Catch Basin Repair Olrando

When Was the Last Time you Inspected your Parking Lot’s Storm Drains?

Hall Company specializes in all types of drainage corrections. When water damage occurs, Hall’s experts can help determine the reason for the damage and offer a solution to fix the issues quickly. We provide all types of storm line repairs, catch basin repairs and storm drain repairs. Time is of the essence, contact us today!

Some Examples Are:

Bird Bath Areas

Area Drain Construction

Re-grading Areas to Allow Proper Water Drainage

Trench Drains

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