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Install - Repair

Hall Company's asphalt division specializes in complete parking lot and asphalt maintenance services, to include roadway base, paving repair, overlay, sealcoating, parking bumpers, sports court, ADA compliance, crack & joint repair, striping, signage, drain correction/mitigation, and concrete installation and repair. We do it all!

concrete / sidewalk repair in Orlando


Concrete can be a major contributor to both curb appeal and public safety at a building site. It is commonly used for sidewalks, stairs, curbs, gutters, parking bumpers, dumpster pads, dock pads, catch basins, walls and ramps. As a construction material, concrete offers outstanding durability and longevity, given proper application, well-designed site structures and regular maintenance. As concrete ages, cracks and holes may form in its surface. Ongoing maintenance is important — if water is allowed to enter these openings, it can cause more extensive and costly damage to the underlying substrate.


You never know what kind of weather Central Florida will bring and it’s hard to predict what will be needed in order to maintain your concrete without proper experience. 


Hall Company crews take pride in their ability to execute detailed concrete work according to exacting specifications. We provide original concrete work and repairs, often in conjunction with asphalt maintenance and new construction projects. Our crews work efficiently, using the latest equipment. Our experience extends from concrete demolition and removal of cracked and broken concrete to new construction work, including special finishes.


Concrete services we provide:


  • Removal and replacement of damaged concrete

  • Sidewalks

  • Curbs

  • Flumes

  • Wheel Stops

  • Ramps

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