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Asphalt Paving Orlando


Asphalt overlay/repaving is simply applying a new layer of hot asphalt over the existing asphalt. New asphalt is typically applied at a thickness of 1 to 2 inches. The current pavement should be relatively sound and should not contain large areas of base failure. In some cases, the current asphalt must be repaired before installing an overlay. This is to prevent the new layer from conforming to the old layer's failures. Asphalt overlay/repaving provides a practical and economical way to extend the life of the asphalt.

Hall will help you identify the best paving option for your job: 

  1. Mill and Pave

  2. Transition Mill & Overlay

  3. Mill & Overlay

  4. Overlay


Proper steps to apply asphalt overlay:


  1. Evaluate current asphalt conditions

  2. Repair weak areas as necessary

  3. Machine clean asphalt to remove any debris

  4. Apply a tack coat of RS1 to adhere new asphalt to the existing asphalt

  5. Overlay with a minimum of 1” Hot asphalt

  6. Stripe back to the existing layout

Our comprehensive range of services includes road paving, subgrade repair and construction, grading services, asphalt removal, replacement, and repair, crack filling, patching, slurry seals, overlays, sealcoating, and more. We welcome jobs of any size, whether you need fresh road pavement for a residential development in Central Florida, crack sealing for your industrial parking lot in Tampa, or a ½ mile asphalt sealcoat for your parking lot.

Give us a call today to schedule an on-site assessment with one of our experienced estimators. With over 37 years of experience each, they have the knowledge and expertise to provide expert guidance on a full range of asphalt paving, repair and construction needs. After determining the best solutions for your project, they will provide you with a detailed, written estimate and cost-effective proposal. 


Hall Company's asphalt paving and repair division in Orlando and Central Florida, specializes in complete parking lot and asphalt maintenance services, to include roadway base, paving repair, overlay, sealcoating, parking bumpers, sports court, ADA compliance, crack & joint repair, striping, signage, drain correction/mitigation, and concrete installation and repair. We do it all!

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